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"I'm back with my new mustache! I call him untrustworthy. "

Hello again computerville.  I could list tons of excuses why I haven't blogged in a month and a half, but honestly who cares?

The last post I started to write was a rant about how I couldn't find work. The post was reminiscent of a typical relationship. It started out fun with a great sense of humor, then got way too serious and then just kind of emotionless. In fact I'm gonna post it after I put this gem up. You'll get a glimpse of where I was at. Fun stuff.

I got 70% done with the article, freaked out and then buckled down and tried to get a job at the hospital across the street from where I live in Brooklyn. Since then I actually acquired the position of Patient Transporter at the hospital. I gotta say after not receiving a paycheck after 8 months, it's going to feel good to go out again and not have my friends pay for everything. So I'm feeling much better now, and after reading some amazing blogs for inspiration and promises of future employment and success, I decided to jump back into mine.

Another excuse I would used for not writing was the Dark Matter Video - Rogue Wing kickstarter Initiative. If I have your email address, phone number or facebook friendship you probably saw me and my cohort Noah plugging this. We made a video to raise 5000 dollars to help fund the animated episode zero to the cartoon series we've been developing for the last 3 years. In no way did this take a month to produce but rather I sat in front of the computer to see it's progress. In my defense the video ispretty fucking funny.

I didn't write because I was lazy and I was getting more miserable cause I wasn't writing. I wasn't just ignoring this blog but my comedic shorts and animated scripts as well.  But now I'm back into the swing of things and have tons of notes for future articles and nerdery. Thank god. So, let's go bitches...
I'm back.

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